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Driu Beauty Cosmetics – Science Based Beauty Phylosophy

Driu Beauty – a smart approach to skincare and cosmetics.

The products we create are skin-friendly, gentle, active and effective at the same time. Scientific achievements and research are important to us – all active ingredients added to our skin care products have scientific basis for the benefits to the skin. Our main priority is the optimal condition of your skin, when creating new and improving the existing products we think only about it. In our products we avoid all possible substances that have negative effect on the skin.

Our mission – to create maximally beneficial, richly formulated, multifunctional and sustainable skincare products, that will help to fight negative skin changes, problems and increasingly negative environmental effects and radiation.


  • »Concentrated formulations
  • »97-98% of the active substances
  • »20-25 active ingredients in one product
  • »Products not divided into feminine and masculine
  • »Multifunctional approach to the skin
  • »Help maintain skin’s moisture balance
  • »Effectively fight skin problems
  • »Consumption-reducing skin care routine
  • »Product-friendly cosmetics packaging
  • »No secondary packaging


Science and Driu Beauty. We use only scientific research-based materials in beauty products.

Naturalness and Driu Beauty. Our products contain natural oils, extracts and other substances that have a scientifically proven beneficial effect on the skin.

Maximism and Driu Beauty. We aim to create the most beneficial, effective and concentrated products for the skin.

Smart consumption and Driu Beauty. Our goal is to encourage consumers to use fewer but more effective and versatile cosmetics.

Sustainability and Driu Beauty. We produce responsibly, protecting the environment and resources. We do not use secondary packaging for our products, thus helping to reduce consumption.

Lines Wise Cosmetics ir Wise Unisex


Designed for active mature skin care. Intended for the modern, active, stylish woman. Recommended for use from 25 years. The compositions are rich in vitamins A, B3, B5, C, E, peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acids, natural oils and extracts, prebiotics and other active substances that will help preserve the youth of the skin. The opaque dosing packaging of the products helps to protect the active substances from external factors.


Universal skin care products for women, men, teenagers. One line can be used by the whole family. Recommended for use from 14 years. Optimal compositions with hyaluronic acid, tripeptides, niacinamide (B3), prebiotics, panthenol, active extracts and oils. In the line you will find products for face, body and scalp care. The opaque dosing packaging of the products helps to protect the active substances from external factors.

Lines Wise Actives


Wise Actives is a new concentrated serums line, which consists of 4 new products that each has one (or few) main character ingredient. These serums are very effective and problem solving supplement to regular skincare routine. In each serum the main active ingredient is supported by a row of other very high quality effective active ingredients.This lines products are versatile, suitable for all skin types and different age groups.
Main actives in serums – ceramides, azelaic acid, niacinamide and AHA+PHA acids.
Supportive ingredients – hyaluronic acid, ceramides, prebiotics, panthenol, aloe vera and other extracts

Concentrated serums

Science-Based Philosophy
Cosmetics is developed following scientific research. Substances with proven scientific effect on the skin are used.
Luxury Skin Care
This is not only a package of exclusive design on the cosmetic table, but also a rich and concentrated composition of the product.
Responsible Attitude
When creating a product, we are guided by the following criteria: complex skin care, multifunctional and as versatile products as possible, and a sustainable approach to production.
Personal Relationship with the Buyer
Your skin and its needs are important to us, so by knowing more about your skin, we will be able to choose the beauty products that are right for you.

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