GENTLE PEEL with salicylic acid and hyaluronan
 39.00  27.30
AHA Face Serum
 64.00  44.80
IMPROVED FORMULA with SKINectura and prebiotics
Face Cream For Sensitive Skin
 51.00  35.70
Enriched with natural oils and extracts
Face Cleanser for Dry Skin
 28.00  19.60
IMPROVED FORMULA with SKINectura and prebiotics
Face Cream for Combination Skin
 51.00  35.70

Everything Your Skin Needs

Why choose Driu Beauty skincare products?

Science-Based Philosophy
Cosmetics is developed following scientific research. Substances with proven scientific effect on the skin are used.
Luxury Skin Care
This is not only a package of exclusive design on the cosmetic table, but also a rich and concentrated composition of the product.
Responsible Attitude
When creating a product, we are guided by the following criteria: complex skin care, multifunctional and as versatile products as possible, and a sustainable approach to production.
Personal Relationship with the Client
Your skin and its needs are important to us, so by knowing more about your skin, we will be able to choose the beauty products that are right for you.

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