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Regenerating Face Serum

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Regenerating serum with natural oils, ceramide complex, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and C, niacinamide, tripeptides, coenzyme Q10, prebiotics and the active ingredient SKINectura, which has anti-wrinkle and skin firming effect.

This serum is intended for intensive care of dry and mature skin. Active ingredients in the product provide intensive skin hydration and nourishment, promote regeneration and collagen production, fight skin aging, improve skin condition and microbiota balance, act as strong antioxidants.

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SKINectura – an innovative organic botanical extract extracted in Australia that increases the production of architectural proteins in the skin and promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It visually reduces wrinkles around the eyes, tightens sagging skin of the face and neck and softens wrinkles in the neck area over time.

Beauctive – patented sustainable ingredient that has multifunctional qualities – reduces pores and aging spots, protects cells, boosts collagen synthesis and enhances the activity of vitamin A.

Suitable for all skin types. The serum helps skin get rid of dead cells, purifies, reduces wrinkle formation, evens colour, increases skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production.

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In the production of cosmetics, Driu Beauty pays special attention to the principles of sustainable consumption:

• does not use secondary packaging at all, thus saving natural resources and reducing consumer packaging disposal;
• converts plastic to aluminum that is easier and more efficient to use as much as possible;
• creates active complex products that act multifunctionally, thus reducing to a minimum the amount of products needed by the skin;
• develops versatile products that can be used by the whole family, thus reducing consumerism;
• does not use any mechanical particles and dyes that increase environmental pollution in the products.

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